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Medium size
Rs. 226 /Doz


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Pakistani Orange

Product of Pakistan
Rs. 199 /Doz
In Season

Apple (Kala Kullu)

Rs. 189 /Kg


Product of Kenya
مَگَر ناشپاتی
Rs. 269 /Pcs


Rs. 96 /Doz

Coconut Water

ناریل پانی
Rs. 179 /Pcs


Product of Italy
کیوی پھل
Rs. 329 /Kg

Pakistani Green Apple

Best for Fresh Juice
پاکستانی ہرا سیب
Rs. 139 /Kg
In Season


Product of Pakistan
Rs. 299 /Kg

Featured Product

Rs. 56 /Kg


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Iceberg Lettuce

Imported from Islamabad
آئس برگ
Rs. 205 /Kg


250 gram box
Rs. 274 /Box


250 gram box
Rs. 319 /Box


Rs. 63 /Kg


Rs. 39 /Kg

Sweet Potato

شکر قندی
Rs. 64 /Kg


شملہ مرچ
Rs. 109 /Kg


Rs. 56 /Kg

Featured Product

Happy Cow Cheddar Slice Cheese (200 gm)
Rs. 360 /Packet

Breakfast, Bakery & more

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Dawn Burger Bun (4pc)

Rs. 42 /Pcs

Mitchells Apple Jelly (200gm)

Rs. 76 /Bottle

Mitchells Black Currant Jam (340gm)

Rs. 153 /Bottle

Mitchell`s Golden Mist Marmalade (450gm)

Rs. 148 /Bottle

Nestle Koko Krunch Cereals (330gm)

Rs. 410 /Box

American Kitchen Peanut Butter Honey (12Oz 340ml)

Rs. 401 /Bottle

American Kitchen Peanut Butter White Chocolate (12Oz 340ml)

Rs. 375 /Bottle

Dawn Big Fruity Bun (1pc)

Rs. 24 /Pcs

Featured Product

Comelle Khalis Desi Ghee (1 Kg)
Rs. 636 /Bottle

Rice, Pastas & more

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Falak Bachat Long Grain Rice (5Kg)

Rs. 510 /Bag

Falak Select Super Basmati Rice (5Kg)

Rs. 805 /Bag

Jazaa Premium Basmati Rice (Silver) (1Kg)

Rs. 197 /Bag

Knorr Noodle Chatt Patta (66gm)

Rs. 30 /Box

Jazaa Basmati Rice (Red) (1Kg)

Rs. 150 /Bag

Jazaa Economy Rice (Blue) (1Kg)

Rs. 125 /Bag

Jazaa Elite Steam Rice (Black) (1Kg)

Rs. 216 /Bag

Jazaa Elite Steam Rice (Black) (5Kg)

Rs. 1030 /Bag

Featured Product

Shan Tikka Seikh Kabab Masala (100gm)
Rs. 86 /Packet

Sugar Spices & more

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Bihari Kabab Masala (50gm)

Rs. 49 /Packet

knorr Chef's Nuggets Mix (Batter) (75gm)

Rs. 97 /Packet

National Black Pepper Powder (25gm)

Rs. 55 /Packet

National Bombay Biryani Masala (70gm)

Rs. 46 /Packet

Shan Korma Masala (100gm)

Rs. 90 /Packet

Shan Sindhi Biryani (60gm)

Rs. 59 /Packet

Sucral Zero Calorie Sugar Drops (100drops)

Rs. 118 /Bottle

A&s Ani Seed (Sounf) (100gm)

Rs. 57 /Packet

Featured Product

National Tomato Ketchup (800gm)
Rs. 169 /Bottle

Sauces, Pickles & more

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Heinz Tomato Ketchup (300gm)

Rs. 119 /Bottle

Heinz Tomato Ketchup (567gm)

Rs. 172 /Bottle

National Tomato Ketchup Pouch (1kg)

Rs. 184 /Bottle

Youngs French Mayonnaise (1litre)

Rs. 257 /Bottle

Youngs French Mayonnaise (200ml)

Rs. 65 /Bottle

Youngs French Mayonnaise (500ml)

Rs. 135 /Bottle

Bake Parlor Chilli Garlic Sauce (1kg)

Rs. 190 /Bottle

Bake Parlor Chilli Garlic Sauce (500gm)

Rs. 115 /Bottle

Featured Product

Knorr Chinese Chicken & Corn Soups (43gm)
Rs. 88 /Box

Soups, Canned Foods & more

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Knorr Cream Tomato Soups (75gm)

Rs. 132 /Box

Mitchells Tomato Paste (450gm)

Rs. 166 /Bottle

American Kitchen Whole Kernel Sweet Corn (15Oz 410gm)

Rs. 215 /Bottle

Knorr Chicken Soup Stock (20gm)

Rs. 29 /Box

Knorr Cream of Chicken Soup (50gm)

Rs. 93 /Box

Knorr Hot & Sour Soup (50gm)

Rs. 70 /Box

Knorr Pulao Soup Stock (20gm)

Rs. 30 /Box

Mitchells Sweet Corn (850gm)

Rs. 210 /Bottle

Featured Product

Dawn Lachchaydar Paratha (Pack of 1)
Rs. 82 /Box

Frozen foods & More

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Mon Salwa Cheese Samosa (340gm 20Pieces)

Rs. 419 /Box

Mon Salwa Chicken Crispy Shots (680gm)

Rs. 495 /Box

Mon Salwa Chicken Shami Kabab (576 gm 16 Pieces)

Rs. 416 /Box

Mon Salwa McCain Crispy French Fries Value Pack (750gm)

Rs. 365 /Box

Mon Salwa Crispy French Fries (450gm)

Rs. 290 /Box

Mon Salwa Breaded Fish Fillet (300gm)

Rs. 455 /Box

Mon Salwa Chicken Fries (425gm)

Rs. 385 /Box

Mon Salwa Chicken Kofta (600gm 20Pieces)

Rs. 396 /Box

Featured Product

Rs. /

Beverages, Snacks & more

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Peek Freans Chocolicious Chocolate Chip Cookies

Rs. 117 /Packet

7up Can (300 ml)

Rs. 33 /Bottle

7up PET Bottles (1.25 Litre)

Rs. 82 /Bottle

7up PET Bottles (2.25 litre)

Rs. 106 /Bottle

7up PET Bottles (500 ml)

Rs. 38 /Bottle

Bake Parlor Color Vermicelli (100 gm)

Rs. 15 /Packet

Bake Parlor Roasted Cut Vermicelli (425 gm)

Rs. 52 /Packet

Bake Parlor U Shape Vermicelli (100 gm)

Rs. 13 /Packet

Featured Product

Rs. /

Oil, Flour, Pulses & more

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Baisan (1Kg)

Rs. 260 /Bag

Daal Maash (1Kg)

Rs. 207 /Bag

White Channa (1Kg)

Rs. 350 /Bag

Al-Khubz Fine Quality Ata (5Kg)

Rs. 260 /Bag

Daal Chana (1Kg)

Rs. 195 /Bag

Daal Maash (0.5Kg)

Rs. 105 /Bag

Daal Maash (0.5Kg)

Rs. 110 /Bag

Daal Masoor (0.5Kg)

Rs. 85 /Bag

Featured Product

Rs. /

Chocolates, Confectionery & more

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National Banana Custard Powder (120 gm)

Rs. 40 /Box

National Banana Custard Powder (300 gm)

Rs. 71 /Box

National Mango Custard Powder (300 gm)

Rs. 80 /Box

National Strawberry Crystal Jelly (80 gm)

Rs. 55 /Box

National Vanilla Custard Powder (120 gm)

Rs. 41 /Box

National Vanilla Custard Powder (300 gm)

Rs. 71 /Box

Rafhan Strawberry Jelly (80 gm)

Rs. 55 /Box

Bake Parlor Balle Balle Vermicelli (350 gm)

Rs. 56 /Packet

Featured Product

Rs. /

Health, Baby & more

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Nestle Cerelac Cereal Bifidus - Banana (175gm)

Rs. 207 /Bottle

NAN 1 - Tin (400gm)

Rs. 700 /Bottle

NAN 2 - Tin (400gm)

Rs. 660 /Bottle


Rs. 205 /Bottle


Rs. 330 /Bottle

NESTLÉ CERELAC Bifidus (WHEAT) (175gm)

Rs. 169 /Bottle

NESTLÉ CERELAC Bifidus (WHEAT) (350gm)

Rs. 285 /Bottle

Nestle Cerelac Cereal Bifidus - Red Fruit (175gm)

Rs. 225 /Box

Featured Product

Rs. /

Fresh Meat

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Rs 10 Off

Chicken - 12 Pcs

Rs. 359 /Kg Rs.369 /Kg
Rs 10 Off

Chicken - 16 Pcs

Rs. 359 /Kg Rs.369 /Kg
Rs 10 Off

Chicken - 4 Pcs

Rs. 359 /Kg Rs.369 /Kg
Rs 10 Off

Chicken - 8 Pcs

Rs. 359 /Kg Rs.369 /Kg
Rs 10 Off

Chicken - Whole

Rs. 359 /Kg Rs.369 /Kg
Rs 10 Off

Chicken Boneless - Cubes

Rs. 539 /Kg Rs.549 /Kg
Rs 10 Off

Chicken Boneless - Fillet

Rs. 539 /Kg Rs.549 /Kg
Rs 10 Off

Chicken Boneless - Mince (Breast)

Rs. 539 /Kg Rs.549 /Kg

Featured Product

Desi Chicken - 4 Pcs
Four pieces of our juicy desi chicken suitable for barbecuing on the grill.
Rs. 549 /Chicken


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Desi Chicken - 12 pcs

Twelve pieces of our nutritious desi chicken that is ideal for biryani or korma.
Rs. 549 /Chicken

Desi Chicken - 16 pcs

Sixteen pieces of our wholesome desi chicken that is great for karhai.
Rs. 549 /Chicken

Desi Chicken - 8 pcs

Eight pieces of our high quality desi chicken that is perfect for frying or barbecuing.
Rs. 549 /Chicken

Desi Chicken - Whole

Our healthy desi whole chicken that can be used for baking or roasting.
Rs. 549 /Chicken

Free Range Chicken - 12 Pcs

Twelve pieces of our highly nutritious free range chicken that is great for pulao or korma.
Rs. 449 /Chicken

Free Range Chicken - 16 Pcs

Sixteen pieces of our tasty free range chicken that is just right for cooking up chicken handi.
Rs. 449 /Chicken

Free Range Chicken - 4 Pcs

Four pieces of our exceptional free range chicken that is great for whipping up tikkas at home.
Rs. 449 /Chicken

Free Range Chicken - 8 Pcs

Eight pieces of our delicious free range chicken that is perfect for grilling.
Rs. 449 /Chicken

Featured Product

A Greek Twist
Fresh lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers combined with a twist of apples, olives and feta cheese.
Rs. 349 /Box


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A Crunchy Affair

Crunchy lettuce, apples and cucumbers mixed with loads of peanuts and raisins.
Rs. 329 /Box

Waldorf Salad

Tasty mix of walnuts, apples and grapes.
Rs. 299 /Box

Seasonal Fruit Salad

Unique combination of seasonal fruits.
Rs. 279 /Box

Kickin Chicken Salad

Grilled Chicken, lettuce, cucumber, and bell pepper topped with corn and olives.
Rs. 299 /Box

Turkey Temptation

Mouth-watering mix of turkey, lettuce, bell pepper, pineapple, cucumber and olives.
Rs. 349 /Box