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Pakistani Orange
Product of Pakistan
Rs. 218 /Doz


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Pakistani Green Apple

Best for Fresh Juice
پاکستانی ہرا سیب
Rs. 139 /Kg


کیوی پھل
Rs. 429 /Kg
In Season


Rs. 239 /Doz

Golden Apple Pakistani

گولڈن سیب
Rs. 179 /Kg

Coconut Water

ناریل پانی
Rs. 269 /Pcs


Product of Kenya
مَگَر ناشپاتی
Rs. 339 /Pcs
In Season

Apple (Kala Kullu)

Rs. 150 /Kg


Rs. 114 /Doz

Featured Product

Rs. 47 /Kg


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White Mushroom

Product of Oman
سفید مشروم
Rs. 479 /Box


Rs. 29 /Kg

Red Potato

لال آلو
Rs. 44 /Kg


Rs. 45 /Kg

French Beans

Rs. 89 /Kg

Cherry Tomato

چیری ٹماٹر
Rs. 454 /Box

Baby Corn

چھوٹے مکئی
Rs. 329 /Box

Baby Carrot

گاجر چھوٹی
Rs. 329 /Box

Featured Product

Happy Cow Cheddar Slice Cheese (200 gm)
Rs. 374 /Packet

Breakfast, Bakery & more

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Rs 437 Off

Salman's Sidr Honey (250gm)

Rs. 113 /Bottle Rs.550 /Bottle

Fruit Tree Jam Blueberry (440gm)

Rs. 265 /Bottle

Dawn Burger Bun (4pc)

Rs. 58 /Pcs

Dawn Big Fruity Bun (1pc)

Rs. 28 /Pcs

American Kitchen Peanut Butter White Chocolate (12Oz 340ml)

Rs. 419 /Bottle

American Kitchen Peanut Butter Honey (12Oz 340ml)

Rs. 445 /Bottle

American Kitchen Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate (12Oz 340ml)

Rs. 394 /Bottle

Young's Chocolate Spread (360ml)

Rs. 215 /Bottle

Featured Product

Comelle Khalis Desi Ghee (1 Kg)
Rs. 636 /Bottle

Rice, Pastas & more

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Kolson Spaghetti (450gm)

Rs. 78 /Box

Falak Rice Bran Oil (1 litre)

Rs. 506 /Bottle

Falak Bachat Long Grain Rice (5Kg)

Rs. 625 /Bag

Naubahar Premium Super Basmati Rice (Aged) (5Kg)

Rs. 817 /Bag

Naubahar Kainaat Inteha Rice (Steamed) (5Kg)

Rs. 1115 /Bag

Naubahar Kainaat Inteha Rice (Steamed) (1Kg)

Rs. 193 /Bag

MAGGI Chicken (65gm)

Rs. 25 /Box

MAGGI Chatpata (65gm)

Rs. 25 /Box

Featured Product

Shan Tikka Seikh Kabab Masala (100gm)
Rs. 92 /Packet

Sugar Spices & more

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Sugar (5kg)

Rs. 395 /Packet

Sucral Zero Calorie Sugar Drops (100drops)

Rs. 120 /Bottle

Sucral Zero Calorie Sugar (84g Glass Jar)

Rs. 320 /Bottle

Sucral Zero Calorie Sugar (50tablets)

Rs. 46 /Bottle

Sucral Zero Calorie Sugar (50 sachet box)

Rs. 155 /Box

Sucral Zero Calorie Sugar (200tablets)

Rs. 160 /Bottle

Sucral Zero Calorie Sugar (200 sachets box)

Rs. 456 /Box

Sucral Zero Calorie Sugar (100tablets)

Rs. 90 /Bottle

Featured Product

National Tomato Ketchup (800gm)
Rs. 180 /Bottle

Sauces, Pickles & more

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Tabasco Pepper Sauce (60ml)

Rs. 291 /Bottle

Salman's Pizza Sauce (385gm)

Rs. 187 /Bottle

Hersheys Syrup Chocolate (680gm)

Rs. 427 /Bottle

Heinz Tomato Ketchup (300gm)

Rs. 109 /Bottle

Heinz Spicy Tikka Masala Mayonnaise (400gm)

Rs. 412 /Bottle

Heinz Real Garlic Mayonnaise (400gm)

Rs. 376 /Bottle

Heinz Incredibly Light Mayonnaise (400gm)

Rs. 334 /Bottle

Tabasco Garlic Pepper Sauce (60ml)

Rs. 312 /Bottle

Featured Product

Knorr Chinese Chicken & Corn Soups (43gm)
Rs. 88 /Box

Soups, Canned Foods & more

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Mitchell's Tomato Paste (850gm)

Rs. 234 /Bottle

Knorr Italian Tomato Base Pouch (700gm)

Rs. 355 /Box

Knorr Cream Tomato Soups (75gm)

Rs. 132 /Box

Figaro Stuffed Green Olives (200gm)

Rs. 285 /Bottle

Del Monte Pineapple Slices (822gm)

Rs. 286 /Box

Del Monte Fiesta Fruit Cocktail (836gm)

Rs. 271 /Box

American Garden Sweet Corn Cream Style (418gm)

Rs. 189 /Box

American Kitchen Soy Sauce (10Oz 296ml)

Rs. 270 /Bottle

Featured Product

Dawn Lachchaydar Paratha (Pack of 1)
Rs. 106 /Box

Frozen foods & More

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Dawn Aloo Paratha (Pack of 1)

Rs. 106 /Box

Mon Salwa McCain Crispy French Fries Value Pack (750gm)

Rs. 365 /Box

Mon Salwa Chicken Shami Kabab (576 gm 16 Pieces)

Rs. 416 /Box

Mon Salwa Chicken Crispy Shots (680gm)

Rs. 479 /Box

Mon Salwa Cheese Samosa (340gm 20Pieces)

Rs. 419 /Box

Dawn Whol Wheat Paratha (Pack of 1)

Rs. 79 /Box

Dawn Puri (5 Puri)

Rs. 89 /Box

Dawn Plain Paratha Value Pack (20 Pieces 1600g)

Rs. 298 /Box

Featured Product

Rs. /

Beverages, Snacks & more

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Toblerone Milk Chocolate With Honey & Almond Imp (100 gm)

Rs. 250 /Packet

Toblerone Dark Chocolate With Honey & Almond Imp (100 gm)

Rs. 250 /Packet

Nestle Kitkat Chocolate 2 Finger Value Pack (295 gm)

Rs. 479 /Packet

Nestle Kitkat Choco Pop (140 gm)

Rs. 389 /Packet

Mentos Chewy Toffee

Rs. 33 /Packet

Kernal Pop Butter Blast (80 gm)

Rs. 38 /Packet

Kernal Pop Butter Blast

Rs. 82 /Packet

Doritos Nacho Cheese Snacks (3.25 oz)

Rs. 270 /Box

Featured Product

Rs. /

Oil, Flour, Pulses & more

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White Channa (1Kg)

Rs. 310 /Bag

La Espanola Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500 gm)

Rs. 638 /Bottle

Dalda Cooking Oil - Pouch (1 Litre x 5 Packs)

Rs. 1067 /Bottle

Daal Maash (1Kg)

Rs. 155 /Bag

Baisan (1Kg)

Rs. 190 /Bag

Aseel Olive Oil Extra Virgin (750 ml)

Rs. 1561 /Bottle

Al-Khubz Fine Quality Ata (5Kg)

Rs. 220 /Bag

White Lobia (250gm)

Rs. 33 /Bag

Featured Product

Rs. /

Chocolates, Confectionery & more

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Toblerone Milk Chocolate With Fruit & Nuts Imp (100 gm)

Rs. 182 /Packet

Nestle Kitkat Dark Chocolate 4 Finger (45 gm)

Rs. 114 /Packet

Nestle Kitkat Chunky White Chocolate (40 gm)

Rs. 108 /Packet

Nestle Kitkat Chocolate 4 Finger (42 gm)

Rs. 110 /Packet

Shahi Delux Supari (24 Pcs)

Rs. 43 /Box

Rafhan Vanilla Custard (300 gm)

Rs. 82 /Box

Rafhan Strawberry Jelly (80 gm)

Rs. 56 /Box

Rafhan Strawberry Custard (300 gm)

Rs. 77 /Box

Featured Product

Rs. /

Health, Baby & more

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Nircissus Champignons Mushrooms (400gm)

Rs. 149 /Bottle

Nestle Cerevita Oat & Wheat Vanilla (350gm)

Rs. 210 /Box

Nestle Cerelac Cereal Bifidus - Yellow Fruit (175gm)

Rs. 245 /Box

Nestle Cerelac Cereal Bifidus - Rice (175gm)

Rs. 176 /Box

Nestle Cerelac Cereal Bifidus - Red Fruit (175gm)

Rs. 220 /Box

Nestle Cerelac Cereal Bifidus - Banana (175gm)

Rs. 213 /Bottle

Nestle Cerelac Cereal Bifidus - Apple + Orange (175gm)

Rs. 223 /Box

Nestle Cerelac Cereal - Three Fruits (25gm)

Rs. 15 /Box

Featured Product

Rs. /

Fresh Meat

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Rs 10 Off

Chicken Boneless - Strips

Rs. 539 /Kg Rs.549 /Kg
Rs 10 Off

Chicken Boneless - Mince (Breast)

Rs. 539 /Kg Rs.549 /Kg
Rs 10 Off

Chicken Boneless - Cubes

Rs. 539 /Kg Rs.549 /Kg
Rs 10 Off

Chicken - Whole

Rs. 369 /Kg Rs.379 /Kg
Rs 10 Off

Chicken - 8 Pcs

Rs. 369 /Kg Rs.379 /Kg
Rs 10 Off

Chicken - 16 Pcs

Rs. 369 /Kg Rs.379 /Kg
Rs 10 Off

Chicken - 12 Pcs

Rs. 369 /Kg Rs.379 /Kg

Featured Product

Desi Chicken - 4 Pcs
Four pieces of our juicy desi chicken suitable for barbecuing on the grill.
Rs. 549 /Chicken


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Slim Tea (80Gm)

Rs. 500 /Box

Sidr Bairi Organic Honey 500 Gm

Rs. 899 /Bottle

Prewashed Quinoa (280 Gm)

Rs. 350 /Box

Organic Moringa Powder (115 Gm)

Rs. 500 /Box

Organic Desi Ghee (375 Gm)

Rs. 650 /Box

Organic Cane Sugar (345 Gm)

Rs. 250 /Box

Ground Flax Seed (180 GM)

Rs. 350 /Box

Free Range Chicken Boneless - Strips

Neatly cut strips of our free range chicken that is great for frying or whipping up sandwiches.
Rs. 799 /Chicken